Rental Financing

Rates as low as 5.5%

Direct Lending Partners is the easiest and most reliable source of rehab funding for all of your funding needs. We focus on providing our borrowers the capital they need to fund their investments, in addition to the support, experience, and knowledge to help make these renovation and new construction projects profitable.

Don Wenner, CEO, and the Lending Team of Direct Lending Partners have funded more than 800 residential renovations and 200 new construction homes over the past 7 years and are experts in knowing how to make a rehab or construction project successful.

Once Direct Lending Partners pre-approves you for your new funding, you will no longer have to look anywhere else for your funding needs!

Product Purchase | Refinance – Term Loan
Loan Term5 – 10 years
Rate+ (Fixed)5.5-7.5%
Origination Pointsfrom 3
Loan Type30 year Amortized
Interest Guaranty (Prepayment)Based on Loan Term (e.g. 5 yr. loan year 3, 2, 1, 0%)
Max LTV* (As-Is Value)70%
CreditFICO >650
Landlord Experience2 years+

Product Criteria

  • Business Purpose Loans
  • Borrower Experience Required
  • Property Types: Investment SFR (1-4), Condos (limited)
  • Loan Purpose: Fix-Flip, Rental, Refinance, Purchase, Fix-Hold, Stabilize, Rehab, Cash Out
  • Minimum Loan Amount: $75K per property
  • Minimum property value of $50K for
  • 5-10 yr. program
  • Maximum Loan Amount: $5MM per property
  • Rent Roll and DSCR > 1.25:1 required for loans over 24m
  • Personal Guaranty Required
  • No BK or FC within the last 36 months*
  • No rural properties

+ Rates and Points may decrease/increase depending on standard underwriting criteria * LTV may vary by state

This is not an offer or commitment. Rates, terms, and conditions may be changed without notice and are applicable only to the Investment Residential loan program at Direct Lending Partners.