Brion Yarnell

Brion Yarnell

V.P. Funding Relationships

Brion is the V.P of Funding Relationships at Direct Lending Partner. He is passionate about enabling his clients to achieve their dreams through the powerful medium of real estate investing.  Brion also loves working with other lenders with the tools and service offered by Direct Lending Partner to empower them to grow their business and influence.  Brion grew up in Center Valley, and received his Bachelor’s degree from Northland International University in education. He is dedicated to serving with his church community in South Side Bethlehem, playing golf whenever and wherever possible, and riding motorcycles a bit faster than he should. Brion lives in Northampton with his better half, Carrie, and their two children Reagan and Lincoln.

“Being an engineer/business owner myself I’m always researching and striving for max efficiency. I’ll start with Brion in that I find him to be extremely well rounded as a family man (husband and father) and a fair business man. Brion has shown me on many occasions that he takes initiative to be a problem solver and put his clients in touch with great contacts. I can tell that Brion is a “big picture” observer because he understands that the investment he makes of offering his client’s his time, resources., and working to match clients based on resources and needs, amplifies the client’s business and returns benefits for his business (its a circle of success in other words). Brion is “hands down” the best lending officer I’ve come across with lending institutions. Before I met Brion my perception of Hard Money Lending was more like a chess game match of where you would have to out wit your lender or navigate shark invested waters. However with DLP I’ve learned that you don’t have to play a survivor’s game and DLP offers a successful working relationship that works well especially if you are utilizing and deploying the resources (money) you gain from them and building that business relationship simultaneously. The reality is that every successful business out there I know has some kind of solid hard money support they can utilize frequently or trust them enough to throw a life vest when in need. (I believe DLP is more along the lines of Private Money, but I just call it Hard Money cause of the arena they are in)

I’ve seen DLP move mountains, especially on a deal I had with them in the fall of last year where they literally got me funding in about 5 days (might of been less). In your research I imagine you have come to know that DLP offers very competitive rates compared to other lenders. As for the 995 guaranteed funding, I can say that all lenders have fees some where along the line that either pop up in the beginning or on the back end. I find DLP pretty much puts all their fees upfront. So if you plan to gain that relationship with a lender like DLP and utilize the resources frequently then I would imagine the guaranteed funding price is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of having multiple deals and a lender who literally will be there to fight in your corner.

I can’t claim to know all lender’s terms but I will say if you’re looking to invest in a lender who will honor their words, treat you like family, and work to surge your success then look no more.”

– Carlos F., Yelp Reviews

“Brion Yarnell and the group at DLP did a phenomenal job with financing our projects. They were accurate in their estimates, they moved swiftly and provided a better financial structure than any other group we had interviewed. I would certainly recommend them to anyone.” 

-Steve R.