Multi-Family Bridge Funding

Rates as low as 8.49%

DLP Direct Lending Partners Multi-Family Bridge product allows investors to access high leverage financing for multi-family repositions. The common-sense approach to underwriting stems from DLP’s experience as operators in this asset class, enabling our partners to finance more complex deals and ultimately grow their portfolios. Being relationship-based, engaging with DLP provides assistance beyond capital, into due diligence and operational insights and more.


Property Type A, B, & C Class Multi-Family
Purpose Acquisition, Reposition or Refinance of “Value-add” Multifamily
Location Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Markets
Exit Sale or Refinance
Total Deal Size $500,000 to $50,000,000
LTC Up to 80% of Total Deal Costs
LTV (Based on As-Stabilized or As-Complete Value) Up to 75%
Interest Rate from 8.49%
Loan Term 12-24 months
Loan Origination Points from 1.5%
Underwriting Fee  As low as $1,995 Depending on Deal size
Legal Fee As low as $1,000 Depending on Deal size
Third Party Reports Pass Through Costs (Approximately $5,000 to $10,000)
Time to Close As Quick As 20 Days
Debt Service Coverage No Requirement | Under 1.0 may require additional reserves
Maximum Amount of Capital
Expenditures (
No Restrictions (Large Renovation Projects Accepted)
Pre-payment Penalty No pre-payment penalties or minimum interest!