DLP Direct Lending Partners Webinar Reveals The Easiest Way to Lose Money in Real Estate & How to Avoid It!

When trying to maximize your profits on an investment deal, guesstimating just doesn’t cut it. In fact, it’s one of the many mistakes that can cause you to lose thousands of dollars. In this webinar, our CEO, Don Wenner, shares how to properly execute on your real estate investments, while sharing real investment taboos you should always stay away from.  

The easiest way to lose money:

  • Skip the research and property inspection
  • Guesstimate on the financials
  • Pick the cheapest contractor and/or sub-contractors
  • Pay a contractor too slow, too fast, too much, or too little
  • Pay for work before the work is completed
  • Don’t visit the job site often
  • Prepare the property as if you planned to live there personally
  • Keep a flexible schedule without any hard deadlines

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Proper Steps to Manage Any Real Estate Investment

  1. Do your due diligence
  2. Estimate conservatively and calculate all costs
  3. Assemble your dream team
    • Right person, right seat
    • The contractor
    • The inspector
    • The realtor
    • The lender
    • Title company and/or attorneys
  4. Pay, but not too soon and not too much
  5. Be on the front lines
  6. Don’t over-improve the property
  7. Aggressively schedule the project

Key Points from the Webinar:

04:55- A lot of investors lose money on their first couple of renovation projects.

05:24- The easiest way to lose money..

07:07- We can provide you with our flip analysis tool.

09:08- Project management is the most critical aspect of renovating a home.

10:31- The necessary steps to managing your real estate investment.

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