From July 12-14, 2019, top real estate operators from around the country came together at the Cambria Hotel in Asheville, NC for the second-ever DLP Elite Real Estate Partners Workshop & Mastermind Event.

Throughout the power-packed weekend, Don Wenner, CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, shared his exclusive, high-level strategies, which have helped fuel DLP Real Estate Capital’s success, resulting in over $700 million in assets under management and over $100 million in annual revenue.

Investors discovered new sources for deals, discussed capital raising strategies, and learned how to increase activity and execute at a higher level. The presentation covered how to establish a clear company foundation and culture, the secret to hiring rockstar employees, as well as how to effectively solve challenges rapidly and scale your organization. The event allowed for investors to network with other multi-million dollar real estate operators for future partnership opportunities.

At its core, the DLP Elite Real Estate Partners Event is about learning how to scale your real estate business rapidly.

“If you want to grow past your competition, meet a true capital partner, and network with many other highly successful operators, come to our next event,” says Brion Yarnell, Vice President of Partnerships and Marketing with DLP Direct Lending Partners.

If you are a top operator looking to scale your business to new heights, need access to deals, or are searching for a capital partner, be sure to register for the next DLP Elite Real Estate Partners Event.

Please join us for the next DLP Elite Partners event or reach out to us for more information about working with DLP Direct Lending Partners.

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